Pictures from Aconcagua Trip:

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Preparing packets for fourteen days of food at home.

Setting up the new expedition tent in the dining room.

All my non-food gear in a huge pile.

Ready to go at SeaTac Airport. (120 pounds of stuff)

Meeting the gang in Atlanta.  Mike Wong, Warren Storkman and Martin Braden face the camera.

More of the gang: Bob Carney, Pete Sidlauskas and Bob Evans.

Waiting in the Santiago airport after we missed our connection to Mendoza.

Looking out from the airport in Santiago across the landcape.

Coming out of the tourist office from getting our climbing permits.

Martin in front of the tourist office.

Enjoying pizza and beer in Mendoza for lunch. (Martin, Tim, Bob and Bob)

Finished packing in Mendoza hotel room.  Fuel bottles on left full of industrial solvent from hardware store.

Breakfast at the Hotel San Martin.  (Bob Evans, Peter Sidlauskas, Warren Storkman and Curt Schulze)

Packing up our mule bags and packs in a trailer behind the bus to the trailhead.

On the bus to the trailhead, 100 miles away. (Warren, Tim, Peter and Martin shown)

Typical landscape in Argentina.  Rocky hills with deep blue skies.

On a break at a restaurant halfway to trailhead.

Organizing gear at the Ayelen Hotel at Penitentes, five miles from trailhead.

Weighing mule bags to prepare for the haul to basecamp.  Warren and Michael record weight
as Segundo Madrid puts the bags on the scale.  Warren's bag was 39Kg (too heavy!)

Tim getting kinda scruffy after a few days.

Michael, Bob Evans and Curt pile into the pickup with gear towards the trailhead.

Trailhead for the Horcones Valley at Puenta del Inca.  Rescue helicoptor on left
and ranger station on right.

Bob Carney and Paul Penno strap up for the hike to Confluencia.

Tim at beginning of Horcones Valley.

Paul Penno at the beginning of Horcones Valley.

Martin Braden at first major river crossing.  Suspension bridge dangling off to right.

Bob "photo" Evans taking a few minutes to set up another shot.

Continuing up the gravel Horcones Valley trail.

Scrambling over a rock to cross the river just before Confluencia camp.

Mules carrying gear (not ours) through Confluencia camp.

Tim in the tent at Confluencia, getting ready to continue to Plaza de Mulas basecamp.

Martin in front of a huge scree pile (one of countless many).

Paul and Tim continuing up the Horcones Valley to basecamp.

Mule carcass on the way to basecamp.

Coming up over a rise into Plaza de Mulas basecamp.  Tents and huts are
scattered everywhere.

Resting and stashing loads at Canada camp.  Tent sites are rare.  Martin is in red.

Michael staking out a tent site at Canada camp.  Stashed load in foreground.

Decending from Canada camp to Plaza de Mulas in background.
Not looking or feeling too happy.

Rangers heating up frozen alkaline batteries over stove to use in his Sony Walkman.

Tim with bad AMS between Roberto and Vicente (basecamp doctors) before flying down on the chopper.

Meeting up with Warren at the Ayelen hotel before goes back to Mendoza.

The public bus from the trailhead to the Mendoza bus station ($10, cheap!)

Tim writing in his journal as he waits for his gear to come off the mountain.

Last picture of Tim before he shaves.  (Looking rather scruffy here...)

Saying goodbye to the Ayelen hotel before taking the bus to Mendoza.

Waiting with Warren for the ticket counter to open in the Mendoza airport
on a Sunday with dirty gear.

Safely back home in Seattle area.

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